Help Build Food Security in South Fairbanks!

In solidarity with the neighborhood, Bread Line, Calypso Farm and the Folk School are working together to put food security in the hands of residents of South Fairbanks, the most food insecure area in Fairbanks.

With your support, we can build a future where home gardens and urban farms thrive, all people have access to fresh food, and young people help lead the way as agricultural leaders!

Total Goal: $25,000

Calypso Farm: $10,000 | Bread Line: $10,000 | The Folk School: $5,000

Total Goal: $25,000

Calypso Farm: $10,000
Bread Line: $10,000
The Folk School: $5,000
This is a collaborative effort between Calypso Farm, Bread Line, and the Folk School. All funds raised will help provide neighborhood residents with access to fresh, locally grown food, educational and employment opportunities, and pathways for local youth to grow into leaders!

Make a Donation!

As of July 8th: 90 people have donated, helping raise 32% of our goal!

How Funds Will Be Used

1.  Bread Line and Calypso both operate large urban gardens in South Fairbanks. Funds will help expand these gardens with carpentry and building projects provided by the Folk School.

2.  Calypso, Bread Line and the Folk School will work together to provide educational opportunities for home gardeners in the neighborhood. Funds will support a tool lending program and accessible community workshops in gardening, cooking garden produce, and food preservation.

3.  In 2021, Calypso is launching an on-the-job garden and leadership training program for young adults in the neighborhood. These Garden Leaders will receive training in: agriculture, cooking with garden produce, teaching home gardening workshops, and food justice advocacy. Calypso, Bread Line and the Folk School will all provide educational and employment opportunities through this program!

Support South Fairbanks!

All donations made towards this initiative will be split 40% each to Bread Line and Calypso Farm, and 20% to the Folk School. Tax-deductible donation receipts will be provided by Calypso.

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Donations can also be made through our Facebook Fundraiser* or by mailing a check made out to Calypso Farm to: PO Box 106, Ester, AK 99725

*When you donate through Facebook, 100% of your donation will go towards the fundraiser. Facebook does not pass along any fees to the receiving organization and covers the cost of all credit card processing fees!