The Seed Garden

Calypso's Seed Garden is an ongoing exploration of seed production, supporting and contributing to the biodiversity of cultivated plants. We grow a variety of open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seeds that are locally adapted to northern climates.

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Dedicated to seed production since 2022, the seed field is roughly an acre in size and tucked into the south-west corner of the farm. As each season passes, we continue to learn new seed growing & saving methods. Our goal is to one day have the garden supply the majority of seeds needed on the farm, as well as a nice variety of seeds for other Alaskan gardeners!

Community members are encouraged to visit and explore the Seed Garden! We incorporate the garden and seed saving into our education programs and are planning future collaboration with Ester's Community Seed Bank through the John Trigg Ester Library.


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All of the seeds below are open-pollinated varieties, grown here at Calypso Farm!

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    Vegetable Seeds
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    Arugula – (Eruca vesicaria ssp sativa): Arugula is a distinctive, fast growing green that can be eaten fresh or lightly cooked. Our arugula has fairly large, tender leaves that increase in spiciness with warmer weather. We’ve been growing this locally adapted variety since 2015, selecting for slow bolting. Approx. 100 seeds/packet


    Broccoli – DeCicco (Brassica oleracea var itálica): This is an Italian heirloom variety that produces many small (3-4 inch) heads. The plants are large and will continue producing shoots for months, if kept well harvested. DeCicco is a wonderful broccoli variety for home gardeners who want a steady supply of tender broccoli shoots through the season. Approx. 100 seeds/packet


    Kale – Calypso’s Siberian (Brassica napus): Calypso’s Siberian Kale is a farm favorite! We have been saving seed from this variety since 2005 and have consistently been impressed with its vigor and taste. Leaves are large and tender with a very slightly ruffled edge. The plant produces effortlessly through the season. It’s the first kale variety ready to harvest in the spring and the last kale to continue heavy production into the fall. Approx. 100 seeds/packet

    Herb Seeds
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    Cress – Cressida aka “Pepper Cress” (Lepidium sativum): Cressida Cress has a delightful, peppery, fresh taste. It grows quickly and can be used in salads or on its own. We also use the beautiful seed stalks as greenery filler in bouquets – see flower section. Approx. 75 seeds/packet


    Dill – Bouquet (Anethum graveolens): Bouquet Dill thrives in our gardens here. It can be harvested early for the fresh dill leaves and it also quickly produces flavorful dill heads. A single plant will continue producing an abundance of dills heads through the season. Approx. 25 seeds/packet


    Lovage (Levisticum officinale): Move over! Lovage is a serious giant in the garden! It’s lush, beautiful and a long-lasting perennial. It will grow to over six feet tall. Lovage is a relative of celery – its leaves have a strong celery like flavor. A little goes a long way. Lovage is a iconic plant in Calypso’s gardens. If you love it, you love it. Approx. 20 seeds/packet

    Flower Seeds
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    Ammobium – aka Winged Everlasting (Ammobium alatum): Ammobium is one of our favorite flowers to dry for winter bouquets. It has delicate, small, pure white flowers. They are gorgeous accents in fresh bouquets and great fillers for dried arrangements. They thrive in our Alaskan summers! Approx. 30 seeds/packet

    Bachelor Buttons

    Bachelor Buttons – Classic Fantastic (Centaurea cyanus): This is a beautiful mix of deep to light blues to nearly white. These are willowy, extremely prolific bloomers. We usually support them in some way so that they don’t fall over. Although, if you’re just wanting to through them into a mix, they will thrive. Approx. 20 seeds/packet


    Clarkia – Salmon (Clarkia unguiculata): These are unique, tall, willowy plants that produce an abundance of small, beautiful salmon-colored blooms up their flowering stalks. They are beautiful in the garden and can also be used as a cut flower for unusual, showy accents in bouquets. Approx. 70 seeds/packet

    Clary Sage

    Clary Sage – Mixed Colors (Salvia sclarea): This Clary Sage cultivar is a wonderful cut flower. It produces an abundance of showy, white, purple and pink blooms. The colorful part of the plant are actually modified leaves called “bracts.” They make excellent bouquet fillers and also are beautiful in vases on their own. Approx. 25 seeds/packet


    Cosmos – Violet Bicolor (Cosmos bipinnatus): This variety of cosmos is one of the first of the cosmos to bloom! It produces a nice mix of large blooms in colors from gorgeous dark pink to white. Most of the blooms are streaked in a spectacular way! Approx. 25 seeds/packet


    Cress – Cressida (Lepidium sativum): This is an excellent cress variety for bouquet filler (you can also eat it – see herb section). It is a beautiful, very light sage green color and produces huge amounts of seed stalks. It grows fast and tall. We usually support it so that it stays upright with straight seed stalks. Approx. 75 seeds/packet


    Dianthus – Calypso’s Hardy Sweet William Mix (Dianthus barbatus): This is a wonderfully hardy Dianthus that overwinters here at the farm and is the first thing to bloom. This is a mix of pink, bicolor, white and dark pink flowers on nice tall stems. They will bloom very early and last through most of the season. Plant them somewhere where they can come back each year. Ours last 3-4 seasons. Approx. 30 seeds/packet


    Reseda aka Mignionette (Reseda alba): This is the tall Reseda with long stems and spikes of small white flowers. They have a strong, sweet smell and are spectacular in bouquets. The plants are very robust and they bloom all season! Approx. 50 seeds/packet


    Silene – Blushing Lanterns (Silene vulgaris): This is a wonderful and unusual perennial that grows 2-3 ft tall and has an abundance of little lantern-like pods. They are a really nice, whimsical addition to bouquets and are a great dried flower! Approx. 75 seeds/packet


    Snapdragon – UC Mix (Anthirrhinum majus): This is the University of California snapdragon variety that is adapted to shorter seasons. These seeds were originally grown by our friends at the Methow Valley Seed Collective in Washington state. They are a great variety for our shorter season and they thrive here! They produce a beautiful array of colors on long stems and they bloom through the season. Approx. 100 seeds/packet


    Strawflower – Sultane Mix (Xerochrysum bracteatum): This is a vibrant mix of yellows, golds, oranges and pinks. These strawflowers are beautiful in fresh arrangements and they are very flashy as a dried flower. They are easy to grow and prolific. Approx. 30 seeds/packet

    Optional Donation
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    Donation to the Seed Garden

    If you’d like to add-on a donation to support the Seed Garden, please do! Funds will support our continued experimentation and development of the garden, as well as our ability to offer Pay What You Can discounts (up to 100% off) on seeds.

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