Forging Tools: Chisels & Punches

February 22, 2020 | 2-5pm
Location: Calypso Farm Smithy

A collaboration between the Folk School and Calypso Farm and Ecology Center.

This will be a great class to start you on your way to a blacksmithing tool set. We will explore the world of tool steel and create tools from coil springs. We will rough in blanks for the indexed hot chisel and a center punch. We will learn how to control our hammer blows to reduce the need for filing. We will explore the processes of normalizing and annealing, clean up our tools and prepare them for hardening and tempering. We’ll also learn the intricacies of heat treatment and how to maintain your tools for a long life. Before any tool leaves the Smithy, we’ll test them for toughness and make sure they are ready for work. Ages 14+

Workshop Cost: $130 (member) $150 (non-member)*
*See below for information about becoming a member.

The Blacksmithing Overview workshop is a prerequisite for this class. Questions? Email Tom Zimmer:

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