Forging Tongs

February 22, 2020 | 10am-1pm
Location: Calypso Farm Smithy

A collaboration between the Folk School and Calypso Farm and Ecology Center.

In this 3 hour session we will begin to explore the world of tongs and examine different tong styles (for example scrolling, box jaw, V-bit). In the Smithy, tongs can be one of the essential tools when forging and we will learn how to manipulate them for a good hold. In this session you will learn to forge out Wolf Jaw Tongs. You will learn how the boss and off-set work and how to rivet them together. This will be a class that challenges your forging skills and improves your hammer control. You will leave the class with tongs in hand and an understanding of how to manipulate them to best hold that ‘stock’. Ages 15+

Workshop Cost: $120 (member) $140 (non-member)*
*See below for information about becoming a member.

The Blacksmithing Overview workshop is a prerequisite for this class. Questions? Email Tom Zimmer:

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