Forging Tongs

April 24th, 2020 | 6-9pm
Location: Calypso Farm Smithy

A collaboration between the Folk School and Calypso Farm and Ecology Center.

In this session we will forge out a set of Blacksmith Tongs. Tongs are an important tool for forging and can be made to adapt to a variety of stock. We will examine different jaw structures, learning how to make controlled offsets, draw out the reins and how to punch the boss for a hot rivet to complete a set. This will be a class that challenges your forging skills and improves your hammer control. You will leave with a new tool for your blacksmithing kit!

Workshop Cost: $130 (member) $150 (non-member)*
*See below for information about becoming a member.

The Blacksmithing Overview workshop is a prerequisite for this class. Questions? Email Tom Zimmer:

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