Forging Fire Forks

March 1, 2020 | 2-5pm
Location: Calypso Farm Smithy

A collaboration between the Folk School and Calypso Farm and Ecology Center.

Forge a long fork for cooking over a fire! In this 3-hour forging session you will try your hand at chiseling and splitting different stock to create unique styled fire forks with a decorative finial. We will explore numerous tine and handle options and the forging techniques required to create them. You will come out of class with a fire fork ready for action, be that hot dogs, marshmallow, or bannock. Techniques covered will build on the fundamentals of hammer control and you will learn to use many aspects of the anvil, including drawing out on the horn.

Workshop Cost: $110 (member) $130 (non-member)*
*See below for information about becoming a member.

The Blacksmithing Overview workshop is a prerequisite for this class. Questions? Email Tom Zimmer:

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