Forged Steak Flippers


These hand-forged steak flippers are beautifully crafted and highly versatile barbecue tools! Use them to lift, turn or flip meats on the grill while keeping your hands away from the heat! Each of these is unique and one-of-a-kind. They are forged by hand in Calypso’s on-farm blacksmith shop, Greenman Forge, and hot oil treated to prevent rusting.

Choose between right or left facing flippers. They measure about 21.”

Due to the length of the steak flippers, additional shipping charges may be required and will automatically be applied to your cart.

**Custom designs, quantities and special orders of these and other forged items are available through Greenman Forge.  Contact Tom to custom create your unique pieces,

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Do you have a preference of which type of steak flipper you'd like?

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