Forged Kitchen Spatulas


These spatulas are sure to be one of the most well-used and loved tools in your kitchen!  There are 3 sizes to choose from, each with unique handle details and blade shape:

  • Short: approx. 10-12″
  • Medium: approx. 13-14″
  • Long: approx. 15-16″ (great for using on the grill!)

Kitchen Spatulas are forged by hand in Calypso’s on-farm blacksmith shop, Greenman Forge, and hot oil treated to prevent rusting. Please keep in mind that the actual item you receive may vary slightly from the photographed examples. Each spatula is hand-forged and one-of-a-kind, so while they are all very similar to the spatulas shown here, there may be slight variations. 

**Custom designs, quantities and special orders of these and other forged items are available through Greenman Forge. Contact Tom to custom create your unique pieces,

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