Beginning Spinning (Fairbanks Weavers & Spinners Guild)


**This workshop is being offered by the Fairbanks Weavers and Spinners Guild. Register by Sunday, May 15!**

Learn how to make your own yarn! These workshops will prepare new spinners to successfully enjoy Calypso’s wool-intensive workshop series, Beyond the Basics: Exploring Sheep Breeds (June 2022), as well as upcoming spinning classes offered by the FWS Guild and Calypso.

The FWS Guild’s team of fiber arts mentors will teach you how a spinning wheel works; the basics of fiber preparation; how to spin structurally sound worsted and woolen style singles yarns; how to ply your singles; how to prepare your yarn for its end use; and reasons why you might want to spin a worsted style yarn as opposed to a woolen style yarn for a particular project – so many reasons!!

All spinning will be done on wheels. If you have a working wheel you would like to bring to class, please let us know ahead of time so we can make sure it is in good working order. You will need 3 bobbins. If you have an e-spinner, you may bring it. If you would like to rent a wheel for use during the two-week class, Calypso will have a limited number of wheels available.

If you have any questions about the FWS Guild workshop, please contact Mina:

This workshop includes two sessions:

Thursday, May 19th 5:30pm – 8pm
Thursday, May 26th 5:30pm – 8pm

Where: Lion’s Club Davis Hall at the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds (yellow Bingo hall)

Who: YOU! No previous spinning experience necessary.

Cost: $50 workshop fee

Additional Materials Cost: $30 (this will cover the cost of a selection of wool for spinning – students who have their own wool to spin can skip the materials fee)

Students Should Bring: A functional spinning wheel (if you have one), 3 bobbins (minimum), dress for spinning outdoors.

Wheel Borrowing Option: Calypso has spinning wheels (with bobbins) available for use during the class, and you can take the wheels and bobbins home with you to practice in between classes. We ask for a $100 deposit, which will be refunded at the end of class. Please reserve your wheel early to ensure availability!

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