Memorial Day Plant Sale & Pre-Order

Monday, May 30th, 2022

Come up to the farm and stock up on plant starts for your garden at our annual Memorial Day Plant Sale!

We'll have a wonderful selection of organically grown vegetable, herb, flower, and perennial plants for you to browse in person, all ready to be transplanted into your home garden. A small selection of plants and packages are available for pre-order below.

2022 Plant Pre-Order

Pre-order is available only on certain items, including tomatoes, peppers and hanging flower baskets, as well as a variety of pre-selected garden packages. All other plants will be available à la carte during the in-person sale.

How to Pre-Order: Available plants and packages are listed below, organized by category. After all of your selections have been added to your cart, click View Cart to review and then proceed to Checkout.

Pick Up: Pre-order pickups will take place during our in-person sale at the Farm on Memorial Day from 9am-12pm.

Pay What You Can: All plant starts are available on a Pay What You Can basis, up to 50% off. We ask that you keep the broader community in mind and if you’re able to pay in full, please do - your extra dollars will support someone who is unable to. If you need to utilize a discount, add all of your selections to your cart below and then enter one of the following coupon codes at checkout:

PWYC10 for 10% off
PWYC20 for 20% off
PWYC30 for 30% off
PWYC40 for 40% off
PWYC50 for 50% off

Garden Packages
Garden packages are available at a slight discount and include a nice variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers based on garden size. Most plant starts are 2-inch soil blocks each.
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Flower Packages
Flower starts are 2-inch soil blocks each.
[product_table category="340"]
Hanging Flower Baskets
[product_table category="322"]
Tomatoes & Peppers
Priced per plant. Tomatoes come in 1 gallon pots. Peppers come in 4-inch pots.
[product_table category="339"]
Optional Donation
In support of our mission to encourage local food production, all plant starts are available on a Pay What You Can basis, up to 50% to those in need. By making a donation to this fund, you’ll be directly supporting Calypso’s ability to offer Pay What You Can discounts, joining us in coming together and contributing in solidarity with our friends and neighbors.
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