Medical Info & Release Form

Medical Information

Please include information about yourself, as well as any children that will be with you.
The farm is build on a hillside and there is a fair amount of up and downhill walking required. If you have concerns, we can reach out to talk about it further!

Emergency Contacts

If you have friends or family in Fairbanks, please include at least one of them in your emergency contacts.

Waiver & Media Release

I waive Calypso Farm and Ecology Center of all liability for any accident, injury or illness that may occur and take full responsibility for my well being while attending this event. I give permission for Calypso staff to administer appropriate first aid, if needed. I understand that photos and/or videos may be taken by Calypso staff during this event. I will contact Calypso in writing if I do not consent to my photo being taken/used in future digital or print promotion.(Required)