Indigenous Agriculture

Calypso supports food sovereignty, including ecological agriculture and traditional food practices.

As an extension of our Farmer Training Programs, we are proud to partner with rural partners around Alaska on a new project that provides Indigenous-led farmer training opportunities and support across the state, especially in rural Villages and communities.

Upcoming Workshops & Training Opportunities
Future trainings will happen both at Calypso Farm and in some Village locations

Beginning Farmer Training
for Rural Communities

June 9-12, 2022
at Calypso Farm & Ecology Center | Fairbanks, Alaska

Led by Charlie Wright from Rampart, this hands-on program will teach participants how to grow vegetables in a way that is transferable to village communities. Basic topics include how to start seeds, prepare garden beds, transplant plants, and manage the garden. Other topics include composting and using what you have on site to build the health of your soils.

This program is being offered at no cost. Participants will tent camp at the farm and will be provided with food for the length of the program. We will also work with you to provide travel to Fairbanks if needed! All applicants must live in rural Alaska.

Questions about the program? Please get in touch! Email us at or call 907-451-0691.

THE APPLICATION PERIOD IS CLOSED. If you're interested in future training opportunities, please provide your contact information below!

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Community & Project Partners

Nenana, Alaska

Nome, Alaska
Kawerak, Inc.


Native Village of Tyonek
Tyonek Tribal Conservation District


Yakutat, Alaska
Yakutat Tlingit Tribe



If you would like to help promote Indigenous food sovereignty in rural Alaska and support Alaska Native growers in becoming agricultural leaders in their communities, please consider making a donation to our Indigenous Farmers fund.

By making a donation to this fund, you’ll be supporting Calypso’s ability to offer future workshops and training sessions, as well as helping us provide travel, housing, and food at no cost to participants from rural communities.

Donations also provide direct support to the agricultural projects in these communities.