Greenman Forge

Calypso is proud to have an on-farm blacksmith shop, also known as the Smithy. Co-Direcor Tom Zimmer is our resident blacksmith and blacksmithing instructor.
Interested in learning a new trade or enhancing your forging skills? Greenman Forge offers blacksmithing workshops for both beginners and more experienced smiths. All students must take the Blacksmithing Overview & Forging Hooks workshop to start. After that, you are eligible to take any other workshop including forging chisels, tongs, viking-style hand knives, and more.

Upcoming Workshops

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2022 UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, public blacksmithing workshops are currently postponed. Small, private sessions may be available upon request, with vaccination and masking required. If you are interested, please email:

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Shop Greenman Forge

Hand-forged items are now available to purchase from our online shop!

Items include:

  • a variety of S and J hooks
  • fire pokers
  • ash shovels
  • bonfire trammels
  • bottle openers
  • kitchen and grill spatulas
  • and much more!

Don't see what you're looking for? Custom designs, quantities and special orders are available! Contact Tom to create your unique pieces:


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