School Gardens & EATinG

The School Garden Initiative responds to the need for hands-on educational opportunities in schools, a gardening and nutrition connection for children and locally grown food for the community. During the summer months, the gardens offer summer LEAF Camps (Learning Ecology & Alaskan Farming), the EATinG Program (Engaging Alaskan Teens in Gardening), and weekly Neighborhood Farm Stands at each garden. During the spring and fall, Calypso supports teachers in using the gardens as an extension of their classroom.

An update on our 2021 programming at the School Gardens is coming soon!

Thanks to the unbelievable community support we received, 100% of the food grown at the Hunter, Pearl Creek, and Woodriver school gardens in 2020 was distributed to those in need! Click here to read more.

EATinG Program

The EATinG Program (Engaging Alaskan Teens in Gardening) is a free summer program for youth aged 11-16.  Student gardeners in the program are empowered to grow their own food through hands-on experience in the school gardens, learning the ins and outs of growing their own food, gain basic business skills through weekly markets, and build important life skills by working with a team of new friends!

During the month-long program, student gardeners experience a full range of gardening activities, including: bed preparation, seeding, transplanting, weeding, planting, harvesting and running a weekly Farm Stand. Student gardeners also cook and eat vegetables in the garden! Together with an adult EATinG Leader, student gardeners work as a team to care for the school garden, building valuable skills like positive communication, teamwork and reliability. Student gardeners earn Veggie Bucks each week to exchange for fresh veggies from the Farm Stand and other Calypso markets over the summer! This is a unique opportunity for preteens and teens to gain confidence, skills and new friends through the dynamic Alaskan gardening season!