People & Place Curriculum
Hands-on lessons and activities, adaptable for Grades K-6.

Discover the wonder of the world around you with this hands-on curriculum and activity guide! Learn about Alaskan ecosystems and animals, growing and harvesting food, life in the Far North, and so much more, all through integrated lessons that involve reading, writing, science, math, social studies, history, and art.

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Whether you are a first-time homeschooling family looking for lesson ideas or a teacher looking to help students engage with hands-on learning at home, the lessons in this curriculum are meant to be adapted by you, your family, and your students to meet your specific interests and educational goals. Lessons have been developed with elementary-aged students in mind with the understanding that individual students, regardless of age, may be at many different learning levels in a variety of subjects at once.

The People & Place Curriculum and Activity Guide is meant to be a fun, hands-on introduction to place-based learning for families, students, and educators.

Place-Based Education is learning grounded in one’s local community, context, and natural environment. It acknowledges the interconnectedness of people and the ecosystems we inhabit, and that local contexts and hands-on experiences are a powerful foundation for all learning. In addition to providing exciting lessons in fascinating natural phenomena, this guide also focuses on the importance of community, and in understanding people - our histories, cultures, traditions, and more - as an integral part of place.

Above all, place-based education is about making learning relevant, meaningful, and grounded in nature. This guide is meant to spark interest and inspiration. We hope you take this opportunity to get excited about place-based education and explore and learn about your world!

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A fun way to engage in the People & Place curriculum while picking-and-choosing activities that are fun, challenging, and age-appropriate for your students. Students can submit work to Calypso educators to earn fun sticker-badges!


Approach to Learning Standards:

This curriculum guide is meant to be a thematic outline and supplement to other subject and grade-level specific curricula, and therefore adaptable for all elementary-aged learners. Grade-level standards for subjects like math, language arts, and social studies are not included.

Due to the curriculum’s focus on science and ecology, each unit does name and address certain Next Generation Science Standards used by many Alaskan schools, as well as Alaska Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools.

While we acknowledge that standards-based learning doesn't work for all learners, we also think that these science standards and Standards for Culturally Responsive Schools are good guidelines to draw inspiration from to help integrate our childerns' education within our ecosystems and communities.

Monthly Units & Weekly Themes:

Fall 2020 Semester

Unit 1: My Ecosystem

Week 1: Berries & Harvest

Week 2: Trees & Forest

Week 3: Weather & Seasons

Week 4: Soil & Water

Unit 2: Preparing for Winter

Week 1: Birds & Migration

Week 2: People & Place

Week 3: Large Animals

Week 4: Small Animals

Unit 3: Snow & Ice

Week 1: Snow Science

Week 2: Winter Survival

Week 3: Glaciers & Ice

Week 4: Changing Climates

Unit 4: My Place in Space

Week 1: Land of Extremes

Week 2: Aurora Borealis

Week 3: Stars & Stories

Spring 2021 Semester

Unit 5: Alaska Studies

Week 1: Geography

Week 2: Geology

Week 3: People & History

Week 4: Alaskan Foods

Unit 6: Natural Cycles

Week 1: Earth & Moon

Week 2: Life Cycles Part 1: Plants

Week 3: Life Cycles Part 2: Animals

Week 4: Carbon Cycle

Unit 7: Winter into Spring

Week 1: Winter Survival Part 2

Week 2: Soil Science

Week 3: Garden Planning

Week 4: Spring in the Forest

Unit 8: Life on the Farm

Week 1: Farm Animals

Week 2: Sheep & Wool

Week 3: All About Honey Bees

Week 4: Starting Seeds

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