Calypso's COVID-19 Response

2022 Update

We know that it is likely that COVID-19 will continue to impact our communities over the coming year. We hope that if the situation improves over the summer we will be able to lessen our mitigation measures, when appropriate, and we will be monitoring the situation in Fairbanks carefully. However, until further notice, we will continue to practice COVID-19 safety precautions at all of our in-person programming this season.

All visitors who can safely wear a mask per CDC guidance will be required to do so during our programs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is a continually evolving situation and our highest priority is keeping our community safe, we will do our best to communicate with visitors throughout the spring and summer to let you know of any changes to our programs or policies.

We will continue our food relief work during the growing season, increasing accessibility and providing food to those who need it most in the Fairbanks community.

If you would like to contribute to our continuing community food relief efforts, click here!